Solving big problems often entails managing big data sets, but without an infrastructure that allows researchers to collaborate openly and conveniently across distances, large data sets are as much a problem as they are an opportunity. Many research grants also mandate as a condition for funding that metadata be stored and shared in certain ways.

The Northwest Knowledge Network solves this problem by providing research data management and computer support between University of Idaho researchers and their collaborators. NKN offers development, consulting, hosting, and data storage to meet storage requirements and facilitate fast, easy access to cutting edge research data sets.

NKN needed dedicated high-speed fiber to work optimally. IRON was the obvious choice. IRON allows UI to own the bandwidth, not just rent it, thus guaranteeing quality, support and speed to its researchers. NKN can then help researchers focus on what’s really important: Discovery.

As Mike Guryan of IRON’s Technical Support Staff explains, “IRON helps researchers be successful and focus on what is really important. We make dedicated bandwidth an asset to our Associates instead of just another requirement they have to meet somehow.”

CONNECTING RESEARCHERS with the support they need. IRON provides the speed, reliability and convenience needed to power innovation in Idaho.

NKN uses IRON to mirror its servers and data repository to identical hardware at the Idaho National Lab. Without IRON, this would be impossible.

IRON’s blazing speeds make high-resolution aerial maps easy to access even from mobile devices through a partnership between UI, ISU and the State of Idaho Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.