IRON continues partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

Our standard of living is dependent on complex industrial control systems. Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has pioneered the development of “resilient” control systems that are more resistant to interruption from natural or man-made disasters. Complex control systems with enhanced resilience maintain safe levels of operations in response to natural disasters or man-made, malicious threats.

The challenge for the next generation of researchers is to address our need for robust and adaptable systems. IRON is partnering with INL, University of Idaho, Boise State University and Idaho State University to produce a distance learning course in resilient control systems. Other contributors and participants from around the region are engaged in this “first of” course held in the United States. Comprehensive perspectives on power system operation and the impacts of their failure from security compromise and human error are presented through a combination of lectures and interactive video sessions that include real world equipment and scenarios.

Promising research solutions will preface a mentored project for college students to propose their own unique resilience strategies.