Brian Whitlock

Brian A. Whitlock appointed to IRON board


The Idaho Regional Optical Network Inc. (IRON), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized to provide provide ultra high speed connectivity for research, education and economic development in the state of Idaho, today announced the appointment of Brian A. Whitlock to its board of directors, effective immediately.

Brian Whitlock is the President and CEO of the Idaho Hospital Association (IHA) in Boise, Idaho. He joined the IHA in August 2015.  Brian is the lead spokesperson for IHA; is responsible for state and federal advocacy and legislative representation of the IHA agenda on key political issues; leads the development of new policies and programs that serve membership; manages media communications; is the primary liaison with other health related organizations and business entities on hospital health care developments and issues; and is liaison and staff support to IHA board appointed committees.

“Brian brings extensive experience in policy development to IRON, and will play a key role as IRON executes its strategic vision of providing connectivity among Idaho’s research and educational institutions, and to the global research and education community,” said Daniel R. Ewart, CEO and President of IRON. “His experience in state and government affairs will be a tremendous asset to IRON.”

Prior to joining IRON, Mr. Whitlock served as Director for State and Government Affairs for the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Previously, he was Chief of Staff for Governor Dirk Kempthorne.

“I am honored by the opportunity to contribute to IRON,” said Mr. Whitlock. “IRON is uniquely positioned to serve the state’s needs for research, education and economic development. I intend to leverage my expertise in service of IRON’s mission.”

Mr. Whitlock is also a board member the Idaho Simulation Network, and serves on the Idaho Industrial Commission’s Advisory Committee, the Governor’s Leadership in Nuclear Energy Commission and the Boise Chamber Healthcare Advisory Council.

IRON board of directors consists of members of its Associates, who represent research, education, healthcare and state government in the state of Idaho.

About the Idaho Regional Optical Network, Inc.

IRON’s Charter Associates own and operate a dedicated high-speed fiber optic network infrastructure to support Idaho’s unique research, health care, education and government needs. The IRON network is Idaho’s dedicated connection to other research and education networks throughout the United States and around the world. IRON’s Associates own, not just rent the bandwidth they need to partner in important statewide initiatives as well as large-scale, global research projects. A high-speed network makes innovation and discovery faster and more efficient so that more Idahoans can have greater access to world-class opportunities and grow our economy. IRON’s purpose-built network addresses Idaho’s ever-growing demand for dedicated high-speed fiber optic connectivity.